Assisted Dying

In the UK, the practice of assisted dying (mistakenly referred to as assisted suicide) is illegal but advocates have been calling for change for a number of years, with 82% of the public in favor of a change in the laws for terminally ill adults. The terminology can sometimes be confusing as laws cite assisted suicide, euthanasia, and assisted dying in various ways. A recent BBC News story, breaks down the differences between assisted suicide and euthanasia.

The subject is fraught with ethical and legal dilemmas, and doctors, lawyers, legislators, and activists have engaged in vociferous debate in recent years. The Campaign for Dignity in Dying in the UK, uses personal stories to share their message. End of life options vary. Some who have chosen assisted dying have traveled to countries where it is legal, while others have sought out underground assistance.

The practice of assisted dying has received treatment in film and writing.