(Dramatists Play Service acting edition script page numbers in parentheses)

General Terms 

Licking your elbow (7)

Tesco (9)

Tesco Honey “prison stripe stuff” (9)

Wiltshire, England (10)

Mile End, London (10)

make a move” [slang phrase] (12)

Office for National Statistics (25)

Farmer’s Market, Church St., London (26)

Nutella (27)

DVLA (28)

Viennese Waltz (28)

Waiting on tenterhooks (34)

Tumor grades—grade one, grade four, benign (36)

Glioblastoma multiforme (36)

British Sign Language (38)

Bees and Beekeeping

Beekeeper (9)

Collecting Pollen (27)

Heather moors (27)

Drones, workers, queen (29)

Drone / queen mating (30)

Ted Hooper (31)


Cosmic Microwave Background Readings (14)

Big Bang (and radiation) (14)

Cosmology (theoretical early universe cosmology) (14)

Quantum cosmology (14)

Theoretical physics (14)

Quantum mechanics / quantum realm (14)

Atoms and molecules (14)

General relativity (sun, moon, stars) (15)

Quarks (15)

String theory (15)

Multiverse (15)

XMM Cluster Survey (25)

Hot Subdwarf Stars (27)

The Arrow of Time / Asymmetry of time (46)

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